September 26, 2009

Earn Money Through PTC

To earn money through PTC is specially helpful for full-time mothers and students who wants to help in paying some of the household bills. This may also serve as an additional income for those who can spend some time maximizing the use of their unlimited broadband internet service.

What is PTC?

PTC or paid-to-click is an online activity where you will be paid by clicking or viewing advertisement banners or links.
How can I earn through PTC?

Everytime you click an advertisement banner or link, the advertiser will pay you from $.001-.01 for each ad viewed. Some PTC sites display a few ads but pays higher than those sites with many ads.
Scenario A : 1 ad = 10 seconds ; 100 ads = 16 minutes ; 1 ad = $.001 to $.01
100 ads from 5 websites in one day = $.100-$1.00 a day x 30 days =$3 to $30 a month.

Scenario B: 1 ad = 10 seconds ; 200 ads = 32 minutes ; 1 ad = $.001 to $.01
200 ads from 10 websites in one day = $.200-$2.00 a day x 30 days = $6 to $60 a month.

What if you can devote an hour? that will be $12 to $120 a month

Why will the advertisers pay me for clicking ads?

When you are watching a TV program, the advertisers pay the TV network for displaying/showing their advertisements. This work in a similar way.
There are two ways in which the advertiser benefits from the ads you click or view. First is the potential that you,the viewer of the ads, might purchase their product or avail of their service. Second, everytime you click or view the ads, it increases the pageviews of their websites which also earns through affiliate marketing programs with Google Adsense, Admob, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera and others.
How can I earn more through PTC?
A new member of the PTC site is called a standard member, while a person you have encouraged to join the site is called a referral.

1. You can earn more by having referrrals.

You also earn a portion/percentage of their earnings, just like having a commission. The more your refer, the bigger your earnings.

Some sites allow you to rent referrals through your own accumulated credits/clicks. You may also encourage your friends or other people you know to join the PTC site.

Neobux standard member:
No. of Ads = 4; Click Value = $.01; Referral Click Value = $.005
3 Referrals Cost $.75; 10 Referrals Cost $2.50; 20 Referral Costs $5.00

Own clicks = 4 ads x $.01 x 30 days = $1.20 a month
Referral clicks = 10 referrals x 4 ads x $.005 x 30 days = $6.00 a month
Own click + Referral clicks = $7.20 a month

Rent 10 referrals again; 10 old referrals + 10 new referrals = 20 referrals
Referral clicks = 20 referrals x 4 ads x $.005 x 30 days = $12.00 a month
Own click + Referral clicks = $13.20 a month

2. You can earn more by upgrading your membership.

You may pay a minimal cost to upgrade your membership from standard to gold. Gold members have more ads to click and will have a higher percentage of referral earnings. You can pay them through your credit card or through your Paypal/Alertpay account. Some sites also upgrades your membership if you have at least rented some referrals twice.
Neobux Gold membership = 30 days active + 100 clicks + 2x rent referrals

Gold member = 10 ads + $.02 per own click and referral click
Referral earnings = 4 ads x $.02 x 20 referrals = $1.60 x30 days = $48.00 a month
Own clicks = 10 ads x $.02 x 30 days = $6.00 a month
Own clicks + referral clicks = $54.00 a month

Rent referrals again and again. If you are earning $100 x 5 PTC sites = $500 a month. Not bad, isn't it?

Is there any cost to join?

None, joining a legitimate PTC site is always free. Want to join the best and trusted PTC sites? Just click here.

How and when am I paid?

Most of the PTC sites require a Paypal or an Alertpay account from where they can credit/transfer your earnings.

Paypal and Alertpay are online payment processors where you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Registering to these sites are absolutely free. Each has a unique applicant verification process.

Paypal has 3 types of accounts namely Personal, Premier & Business
Open a Personal Paypal account if you plan to shop online.
Open a Premier Paypal account if you plan to shop and sell items online
Open a Business Paypal account if you are applying in behalf of the company or group's name

Click the banner below to open a Paypal account.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

While Alertpay has only two types of accounts, Personal or Business Account
Personal account for individuals and Business for companies or groups.

Click the banner below to open an Alertpay account.

Once you have opened and confirmed your Paypal or Alertpay accounts, you can make withdrawals by clicking the PTC site's withdrawal button, as long as you have reached the required minimum withdrawal amount. Then log in to your Paypal or Alertpay account and withdraw/transfer the amount to your local bank account. Between 3-7 days (depending how fast the bank process is), you can then withdraw your PTC earnings to an ATM machine nearest you.

Some PTC sites pays instantly while others have their own payment schedule like once every 2 weeks. Since it varies, it'll be better if you'll read the site's terms and conditions and FAQs portion before anything else.

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