December 25, 2009

How to Earn from

How to earn from

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1. Paid-to-read emails contains ads with higher value than the direct paid-to-click ads link.
2. To have more paid-to-read mails the next day. you must have clicked many paid-to-click ads link a day before.
3. Prioritize clicking ads with $.0025 & $.002 value than the $.001. It will show up in the first page after clicking a few $.01 value ads.
4. Be consistent in clicking ads everyday, it can be relatively small in the beginning but as the days go by, your patience will soon be paid off.
5. Promote your referral links, you'll earn a percentage of your referral clicks too.
6. Keep on clicking, you will not earn from your referrals clicks if you're not clicking.
7. Avoid the cheat links and click ad one at a time, you will not be paid if you click more than one ad at the same time.