August 7, 2010

TheClixWorld.Com Has Become a Scam

TheClixWorld.Com has become a scam so refrain from joining this site.  The past several days, only 1 ad link appears on my earnings area, it's the same and only ad appearing everyday, no new ad links are available to click.  Worse, the link collapses in a few seconds. When you click the forum tab, the site will redirect you to a different forum page.

I've also noticed that only a few member log in, perhaps majority of the members already know what happened to this site. TheClixWorld.Com has been technically and literally been abandoned.  But there are still many unaware of this and are joining the said site so please inform everyone you know to stop referring this site by removing their referral banners on their blogs/websites.  It is useless anyway, TheClixWorld.Com has stopped paying its members.

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braveheart said...

Just an update:

I visited today to check the site if it's still existing, well I been directed to the homepage but when I tried to log in, it redirected me to a different site named, a new PTC site, perhaps owned by the ClixWorld admin.

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