June 23, 2011

Odesk has a New Withdrawal Method

Good news to all freelancers in the Philippines! Odesk has a new withdrawal method, you can now directly transfer your earnings from Odesk to your local bank account in the Philippines.  This means shorter waiting time, it will only take 2-3 banking days to receive the funds.  Another good thing is that it has the lowest withdrawal fee of just $.99 compared to all the other withdrawal methods in Odesk.  What’s more, your first withdrawal in local currency is free.

Please check below the processing time & withdrawal fees using the various withdrawal methods in Odesk for comparison.

Withdrawal Method                         Processing Time                 Withdrawal Fee (charged by Odesk)

a)  Local Fund Transfer (Php)              2-3 days                                                      $.99

b)  Payoneer Debit Card                       3-4 days                                                    $2.00
     (You also have to maintain $3 maintainance fund in your Payoneer account monthly to keep
       it active)          

c)  Moneybookers                                  2-3 days                                                   $1.00
   (You will also be charged of currency exchange and commercial fees by Moneybookers)

d)  Paypal                                              3-7 day                                                      $1.00
     (You will be charged a minimum of P50.00 for withdrawal of less than P7,000 in Paypal)

e)  Wire Transfer (USD)                      2-3 days                                                          -
     (You will be charged $30 per withdrawal in the Philippines)

f)   Direct Deposit                                1 day                                                              free
     (Only applicable for those who have bank account/s in the US)

(Please note that the withdrawal fees do not include the ATM withdrawal fee charged by the local bank.)

You see, local fund transfer is the best option and it’s made available especially for freelancers here in the Philippines. 

Setting up local fund transfer as your withdrawal method is so easy and hassle-free.  Odesk has provided the step to step guide very simple and quick.  It also offers an option for you to learn more about the procedure before setting it up.

So join Odesk now and receive your earnings happily in the Philippines!

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